Frequently asked questions

  • What is TrackNow?

    TrackNow is an online application that allows public to view government related projects that are in progress. It allows users to check project progress status, and can know the expected date of completion. Projects and the details, stored inside the program's secure database, are viewed online.

  • How does TrackNow benefit public?

    The new tracking system benefits public in a number of ways. It allows public to view status regarding the project progress. It helps public to search for a particular project by simply entering the name or the project code. Once subscribed, public can get email and SMS alerts regarding the status.

  • How does the tracking system benefit government and other local bodies?

    The tracking system allows government and other local bodies to have a quick view of the projects that are currently in progress. If any issues, it is easy to identify and can take steps to solve with no delays.

  • What is a project?

    A project is a work undertaken by the government which has obtained sanction and the time and budget are estimated. The work can be anything from infrastructure renovation to economic and community development, road safety, surveys, and many more.

  • How much does SMS costs? Is it free of charge?

    SMS costs purely depend on your service provider.

  • Whom to contact if I have comments regarding the website?

    For queries and comments, you can send an email by completing the online application available in the contact us page.